April 09, 2010

Interviews… entrance to the slavery-zone

The interview at Rodarte was… interesting… I´d say. They were really nice, but I could feel there was no “chemistry” (even though then, and still, I am not sure if a to-be-intern is supposed to look for any chemistry at all ^^).

The talk to the people from the showroom and PR-firm NEXT was great. Lovely people and a really inviting climate.

To get to talk to the guy you were supposed to call in order to talk about the position at Versace was close to impossible.
One week after the first respond, several calls, plenty of mails and two visits later I had an interview with Mr.W. (that´s just what I call him, however, I think everyone should do so, it really suits this amiable, chubby and slightly abstracted man). The talk opend the doors… to unexpected limited possibilities. In this case it´s was all about the name (yeah have to admit it´s quite a good one ^^)

To walk into the “most” important building on the Fashion Ave. it self was niiice. Every fashion name of distinction could be read on the elvator signs. Yep yep, gave me the feeling of: the place to be!
An luckily the interview at Jill Stuart also went really good. I have a strongly positive impression of the girl I talked to over there.

Last but nor least, I got an invitation to come to an interview at Marchesa. One of my very fav labels. I adore their designs and I find them deeply inspirational!
The more devastating the out-come of the interview. Basically they weren´t really looking for an intern, but an unpaid dog walker! Impudent!
I mean really!? That is sooo out of line. Interns have to do crappy stuff anyway, but you should really PAY for your private (dog) shit!!!

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