January 31, 2011

Fashion Movies: A selection

 TopSS11Topshop Spring Summer 2011 Trends:














Prada Spring
Summer 2011

Special video ad campaign for the Chinese market, which turns out to be a very crucial market for the brand.


FashionTV x 404 Not Fashion:

Interesting avant-garde video for Asoff (A shaded view on fashion), also used as a promotional video for the event 404 Not Fashion in Tokyo.












Karl Lagerfeld

Isn´t he cute with his lovely German accent.
“It is us to up to adjust to our times and the minute you think the past was better, you are second hand and youself become vintage.”

Pitti Filati: Florence


ModCloth: Retro is totally modern


Retro, Vintage, bourgeois… old times were the good times. At least in terms of fashion that seems to be the case. The online store ModCloth grew from a small part-time thing started in 2002 to a huge business with many employees and an enormous warehouse.

The page is very nice, if you are interested in the story they created a little e-book: http://www.modcloth.com/images/assets/0000/1406/scrapbook.swf
and the ModCloth Blog is really nice too: http://blog.modcloth.com/


DLD Conference: How is fashion evolving with internet

- H&M collection designed by a Swedish fashion blogger -

There was this really interesting discussion at the DLD Conference in Munich.

“The Fashion Panel was all about the use of crowdsourcing for fashion brands. Vanessa Friedman moderated the talk with Natalie Massenet from the online luxury fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, who shortly before won the Aenne Burda Award, the Creative Adviser of H&M, Margareta van den Bosch and Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU. The main discussion focussed on whether the customers still want strong curators or prefer bringing in their own ideas and designs.”

Anyone who wants to take the time to watch the video, it´s really worth it. The discussion is centered around the impact of internet on the consumers/ customers. Really interesting is the step H&M is taking launching a collection in Sweden, which was designed by a blogger. Wow, I mean who would have that seen coming???


…. sorry guys, for which reason ever I can´t embed the video. So please follow the link I put behind the picture.

January 30, 2011

Maison Martin Margiela: Spring Couture 2011

Oh dear, did I nearly forget!?!
…Maison Martin Margiela´s couture collection was (like it actually is always) something to look at. And if I say to look at that doesn't only mean to look at because it is really pretty and beautiful, no, also because it is something artistic, different and non-commercial. So it is great to see the pieces, but they are not actually made to be wearn on the street…
well, at least I wouldn't really wear it on the street… nonetheless just to look at - just as art – the collection is epic!


Shoe trends: high and wild

High heels still go wild or at least flashy and def high:

girls-night-out3 girls-night-out5

My fav shoe I found is this wonderful plateau by Casadei called `Woodstock´… I would sooo love to wear these, a flower-power babydoll dress and off to Woodstock!woodstock_5351_289x289

Paris during fashion week: “Streetstyle”

Naturally not only on the runway there are nice cloth to be seen, the guests also get their (stylists to sort out) the best looks to show off!!!



Stéphane Rolland: Spring Couture 2011

stephane-rolland02 stephane-rolland03

stephane-rolland07 stephane-rolland09

stephane-rolland26 stephane-rolland21

I love the shapes and the extreme take on the couture tradition, focusing on draped and sculpted gowns with an architectural bent.

January 28, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier: Men´s Fall/ Spring Couture 2011

Who is who, or what is she… he?! What!?

Yes, that´s the question is that girl form the men´s wear collection of Gaultier a girl… ooor is that guy in the wedding dress on the runway for the couture spring collection in reality a guy???

jean-paul-gaultier02                                                  jean-paul-gaultier46

Jean Paul Gaultier: Spring Couture 2011


How could my blog go on without blogging about my all time fav, whether men´s, women´s or couture collection, Jean Paul Gaultier.
And especially this latest Spring couture collection was rocking!!!
His couture look had some punk-rock inspiration… and yes he made it work- a connection of couture with this rather hard and dark genre!

Apart from that the show really was a great piece of entertainment to. Back to the catwalk roots. He started off with cancan musik, to just before the show let it drop to total silence until then the only sound to be heared was Catherine Deneuve’s voice announcing each look in French.


January 27, 2011

Berlin Fashion Week: Fall 2011

Lala Berlin             lala-berlin11

Kaviar Gauche        kaviar-gauche31

Hugo by Hugo Boss hugo-by-hugo-boss40

Marcel Ostertag      marcel-ostertag02

This years autumn/ winter fashion week in Berlin didn´t really had anything super surprising to come up with. Even Patrick Mohr, normally known for his extravagant shows, remained quite aloof to bigger statement interludes. He “only” glued the lips of his models together… and in terms of the statement, that remains the same, you can take that as you like.

Patrick Mohr           mbfw.18

Giorgio Armani Privé: Spring Couture 2011

Giorgio Armani said for his collections he has strong modern woman in mind. This couture collection surely proofed to be for the modern. The futuristic style, the monochromatic pairings of molded jackets and skirts worn over leggings, all done in slick, metallic fabrics were a totally new look for Armani. A real break out of the known comfort zone. Jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue, abounded on aerodynamic silhouettes. I think the looks were epic and a proof, Armani is not going with the trend, but setting trends- for the future!!!


"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."