April 30, 2011

Vanitas: Doggy-style bangle

Since I said the next trend dog, dog in trend or wht ever is the dachshund, I was paying more attention to where the sausage dog appears and the yesterday in the small town Lucca in a nice store called Vanitas I found these lovely armlets with dogs and for sure there was a dachshund one as well ^^


Urban Outfitters: Shoe club

won hundred brown stack

  I wouldn´t want you to wear these shoes by
  Won Hundred, because there are probably one
  of the ugliest I have seen in a while, but still you
  should enter into the “Shoe Club” of Urban
  Outfitters you could win a pair of shoes and the
  you just for sure do not choose these! ;)


urban outfitters shoe club

April 28, 2011

American Apparel: Cork Watch

As I already saw on the Linea Pelle in Bologna there is a new trend in cork. The material will not only be used for shoe heels, but also for other things such as this watch that I found at American Apparel “Luxury Ladies Cork Analog Wristwatch”. The funny things is, this is a vintage piece. So once again the perfect example, everything works in cycles and comes back at one point.

corkAmerican Apparel luxurycork_02

(My only question would be, how can American Apparel have that many of the Dead Stock “Vintage” piece?!?)

April 21, 2011

Melissa: Duck

Newest release by Melissa. One of the so called Disney shoes… however for me it rather looks like a rubber duck shoe. This would be the perfect shoe for Ernie and Bert on a girls night out (when u know what I mean ^^).

Milano: Salone del Mobile Pics

Big bus + Polimoda friends + drive + furniture trends + hot guys on the streets = great inspirations and lots of fun










April 19, 2011

Eelko Moorer: Interview 18.04.2011

The guy who killed a bear… no not really the bear laying on his floor is only made of rubber, but just as crazy sick as having a real one and that is probably why we like it! Rockin!!!


Another “work” of him, or pieces of art, or shoes, what ever we my call it are his famous stilts (he obviously simply calls them stilts ^^).


Based in London, he works on a freelance basis for companies, individual customers and on self-initiated projects. Some of the questions asked during his open talk at Polimoda:

Why do you use rubber?
“Rubber makes it toylike and subversal. - that´s interest, not necessarly a sexual interest. ^^”

Is everything possible?
“No. You have to see what the material is telling you and get your hands on the problem start and see what is possible.”

Is being commercial bad?
“No it´s not (incomprehensible look on his face). It opens up many opportunities, as you have a more financial stable situation. And also working in a team is great.

… well commercial or not, fashionable or not- I can get my eyes of this rubber bearskin! Epic! ^^

April 18, 2011

H&M HOME: New Line for home living

Offically offical, H&M did it!
They finally introduced the home living collection to Germany. Just as their clothing line, this home living line is fashionable and affordable. Fast Home Fashion.


And not only that during the opening of the Frankfurt H&M Home Pop-Up-Store a whole new shopping system was introduced. While you usually have to carry around all that stuff you like, with this new system you collect small pics of the pieces you like and at the cashier the staff will put all the thing together you want- handy.


Poster: Shoe appreciation

shoe appreciation

…just so u guys know what u have to know! ^^

Sagem: Retro phone

sagem Retro

OMG loooove this phone! Retro style with modern technology, how much better can it get!? Uh yeah, red, in red that would be it!!!

“Sagemcom’s Sixty brings together the combination of modern technology and a classic design. Its original design, smooth and shiny finish plus its touchscreen functionality make this phone stand out in any environment.
For your comfort the Sixty cordless phone is bursting with features which allow you enjoy your catch-ups even more. The hands-free mode offers your flexibility while staying in touch with your family and friends.”


No idea were to get it yet though, but that would most def be on the list of thing I would put in my apt one fine day

April 17, 2011

Barbie: Farrah Fawcett

Uhhh gosh found another one- fabulous!!!! hahaha

Farrah Fawcett

“Farrah Fawcett, an American icon, is world famous for her red bathing suit from the unforgettable 1976 poster. This Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll's body is molded in the pose from that poster. It captures her captivating look and style, and comes with the blanket that's displayed in the poster! Stands about 11 1/2-inches tall. For ages 6 and over.” hahaha so then 6 and over, guess I am ok!!!

Barbie: Fine Art Dolls

Art and Fashion- nothing new. But art and barbie fashion, that is quite new:
At this year's toy fair three new Barbies by Mattel were introduced. These pay homage to some of the world's most famous artists. The dolls clothing, make up, hair styles and jewelry are inspired by Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Starry Night and Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. 14th century master Leonardo Da Vinci, impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and art nouveau painter Gustav Klimt have been immortalized in a whole new way!

Barbie-da-Vinci Barbieda-Vinci

BarbieVan Gogh Barbie VanG

Barbie-klimt Barbie klimt

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle: New TV-Spot

Now this is making me see a photo shoot from a whole new perspective…. ^^

April 16, 2011

Hildur Yeoman: Poodle bag

poodle Hildur Yeoman

Hildur Yeoman

Hildur Yeoman is a fashion designer and a fashion illustrator from Reykjavik. The essence of everything she does is in the world of fashion as her illustrations also mainly involve fashion (see below)… I love them they are so romantic. However, the reason she caught my attention was because of the poodle bag- a wonderfully knitted hand in the shape of a poodle.
So, if you this is just the right dog to take for a walk in the city (no poo collecting ^^)…


April 13, 2011

British Vogue: Wedding issue

Well all the Brits been going crazy since it´s been revealed that Prince William and Kate Middelton are going to get married this year… how could the big glossies be missing!?

british-vogue-may-freja british-vogue-may-lara

The magazine has three covers, the models Freja, Lara and Natalia wearing dresses by Vivienne Westwood, Bruce Oldfield and Oscar de la Renta. Photographer was Mario Testion, but against my expectation I have to say, he didn´t really do a great job. Wedding them plus three great models and still, the outcome is kind of lame… but, I´ll be posting a bit more about the wedding them next days, cauz obviously it´s an great ongoing trend right now… ^^

April 12, 2011

Skin-Trend: Exotic, wild and flashy


Skin is in, and so are plush fur, sleek pony hair and fantastic feathers. Accessory designers are making flamboyant use of them all for some of the most creative — and most gorgeous — fall looks.

ecotic, wild skins Brian Atwood

Dax Gabler flat, Tod’s clutch, Jérôme Dreyfuss bag, Alexandre Birman pump, Kara Ross bag, Brian Atwood shoe, Roger Vivier bag, Sang A bag, Edmundo Castillo wedge, Ranjana Khan necklace.


MéchanteOfLondonPython JimmyChoo
(Méchante of London and Jimmy Choo)

               Camilla Skovgaard
               (Camilla Skovgaard)

"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."