June 27, 2011

New Blog

 new blog

Ok now about the reasons why Rock-a-blog has come to an end… omg that sounds so harsh… is going to be discontinued is a very simple one, it´s not inline with my thoughts and ideas anymore and basically at the time I started it, it was a really on the quick put together thing… anyway, it was ok, but now I “outgrew” it ^^

But no reason to be sad, life goes on and as does the blogging, just with a very different format: ZEITCHAOS

This new blog is based on the idea of the chaos, that so many feel to be in right now. It´s not limited to a specific genre like fashion, design, lifestyle, but it includes all of them and anything/everything else that moves, inspires us or makes a difference.
In addition to the blog there is going to be a more amplified webpage, which is still under construction and will be build up to promote the trend agency Zeitchaos and to give another platform to share, to interact, in order to tell you guys about out ideas, here about yours, talk about trends, ask about trends, share inspirations and things that move us!

Enjoy and glory the www, the future and life with us and join Zeitchaos!!!

(by Penelope Dullaghan)

Walter van Beirendonck: Spring/Summer 2012

walter van beirendonck

Ok guys you haven´t heard from me in ages, but to explanaition of that we´ll get later, now see my last post, yeah, let´s call it a farewell rock-a-blog post and I am glad it´s something as colorful and lovely as the s/s collection 2012 by Walter van Beirendonck… I just had to share this:

walter-van-beirendonck03 walter-van-beirendonck04

Pay attention to the direction of the check, so nice!

walter-van-beirendonck10 walter-van-beirendonck21

walter-van-beirendonck27 walter-van-beirendonck27-2
These shoes totally wanna-have-piece! Rockin!!

"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."