April 03, 2011

Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow: “eyewear” 2011

No, this is not the newest gadget to cheat at hide and seek. These are the “sunglasses” designed by Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow.
(sun- (won´t protect from the sun) glasses (there is no actual glass))

Jeremy Scott continues his successful eyewear campaign with Linda Farrow on new styles for Spring/ Summer 2011. The new titles include wings, cross and hands – all of which are exactly what they sound like.

As usual the designs of Jeremy Scott never go by unnoticed and it is as sure as the “amen” in the church, if you wear these on the street you won´t be unnoticed…

jeremy-scott-x-linda-farrow-sunglasses-spring-summer-2011   Jeremy-Scott-x-Linda-Farrow-spring-2011-hands

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Losing weight and looking like the poor."