April 04, 2011

Fashion Night @ Independent Loft in Florence

Audrey Lebreton “Emerging stilists fashion show”


An exclusive event in a loft in Florence and why I am telling you to go!???

This will be the first possibility for the very talented Audrey Lebreton to show her skills on a runway. She is a French italian-based stylist and designer with extraordinary sewing skills:

ode couture 2011 OdeCoutureLina

OdeCoutureVedemmia vendemmia vendemmia (7)

And the one and only, my very favorite dress of her collection, which is just gorgeous- Madre-Terra. You should just see it in reality, it is a perfect example of great handcraft and an amazing piece of fashion.


Madre Terra butterfly Madre Terra back

I´ll be there and I hope to see as many of you at the event as possible. It´s going to be private fashion event, which is going to be great to meet and mingle with people of the same interest. Apart from that there is going to be a great DJ and the location is probably quite cool too- it´s an old fabric reconstructed to a loft. So far no pictures have been revealed…
The spot is a bit further away, but that as well should be no prob as shuttle buses have been arranged, leaving from Santa Croce all night.
The event starts at 10:00 pm and at 12:00 there will be two fashion shows, one by Audrey Lebreton and a second by Daniele Davitti, another young emerging stylist. That for sure will not be the end, the party will continue until around 5 in the morning. Cheers!

       image and styles by Daniele Davitti

For more information on the event check out the fb page!

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