September 02, 2010

Feyem: Fashion Trade show in New York

After the fashion show in New York this february I started working at the fashion trade show `The Train/ The box´. Within one day I got wooed away by a funny and very outgoing Italian guy, Mr. Passarelli, to work with him at the show. So I ended up working for Feyem, an Italian brand for luxury outerwear fashion (mainly fine winter jackets, coats and overcoats).


My favorite fav of all- Luisa!!! Love it… and white, which in the beginning I didn´t like myself, is so epic and fresh when it comes with this coat!!!

So which coat are you supposed to wear this winter- the Luisa of FEYEM!




Pascale said...

ohhh ! Lucky you ! I LOVE Feyem coats. However, I cannot find a place where to buy them. I am in Montreal and I just find one store that has a few coats all in black or beige !
Any hints of where I can find the colorful coats ?

Thanks !

Fashion Studio said...

Hi Pascale,

If you wish to purchase Feyem coats
in Montreal, try this store:

1781 Rue St Denis
Montreal, QC Tel 514.8441717


Fourrures Du Vieux Port
55 Rue St Pierre
Quebec City, QC Tel 418.6926686


Furs by Leonard
1417 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ont Tel 416.9237842

Thank you so much for enquiring about FEYEM "Made in Italy"

Anonymous said...

I saw these coats in Canada as well. But I want to buy one in New York City. Where can I buy it?

Anonymous said...

Feyem is available in various stores in NY metro area:

ANIK Boutiques
1022 Madison avenue 212.2492417
1385 Third Avenue 212.8619840

Paragon Sports
S Bway 212.2558036

Pedigree Ski Shops
White Plains 914.9482995

SnoHaus Ski Shops
Huntington Station 631.5495087

Sundown Ski Shops
Greenvale, NY 516.6216668

Thank you for your choice

inga said...


I love FEYEM coats too but cannot find a shop in London. Does anyone know where I can find a shop in London or if I can buy it from any shop in Italy and have it delivered to London?

Any information help


Rock-a-blog said...

Hey Ingrid,
as I worked in NYC I don´t know anyone in London. But I am pretty sure there must be a store over there too. I´ll try to find out and let you know asap.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I LOVE FEYEM coats I will like to know where I can find a shop in New jersey or New York thank you gina my email

Anonymous said...

Hi... I just discovered FEYEM at Paragon in NYC. They only have one style. I really would prefer one with a fur trimmed hood... I also looked at Anik. Any other suggestions? Is there anywhere to see more styles? Also - do you know much abut the down content of these coats and how warm they really are in very cold weather? Many thanks!

Anonymous said...


I have the pleasure to have a FEYEM jacket and I simply love it! I live in Sweden and since last winter I'm trying to find from where can I purchase a new one, but I can't find any store. Would you please be so kind and tell me where is the nearest store from where I can purchase?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Victoria Reinsch as Feyem model

"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."