June 21, 2010

Peoples Pride: Behind the scenes Part II

(Happy End: …endless hours of working for the wedding cake behind me, but bride and groom where happy (still, it was the first three story wedding cake… and it´s going to be the last I ever made ^^))

So back to the story… Peoples Pride… We went to a cool (in a double sense, cause it was bitter cold there and the models where freezing) and fancy place in Brooklyn.

DSC_1969_thumb[4]     DSC_2006_thumb[2]

At first we met the designer of PP, his lovely wife and their overwhelmingly cute son (who basically attracted everybody's attention more then anything else could ^^).
The models Haile and Eliot were super nice- no attitude! ;) It was fun working with them.

DSC_2334_thumb[3]     DSC_2364_thumb[3]

By far the most interesting part about this “job” was to see how difficult it is for a stylist to unify the wish (or I´d rather call it the image) of the designer (and in some cases his wife ^^), the ideas of the photographer and the look a model can embody… Not thaaat easy! ;)

DSC_2530_thumb[2]     DSC_2548_thumb[4]  

Pictures behind the scenes:

IMG_0904_thumb[2]     IMG_0883_thumb[2]

IMG_0895_thumb[2]     IMG_0882_thumb[4]

IMG_0937    The shoot took basically the whole day,
    therefore we all needed some power-  
    Pizza what else!?! …and by the way,
    models do eat pizza. ;)








DSC_2407    DSC_2561

I really liked this picture of the two, so Clara and me just copied that- great result… hahaha.

Story behind the label:

Apart from the stuff I learned from the shoot I´d like to tell u guys a little about the brand `Peoples Pride´itself. The whole idea of the jeans label is a very ideological one and adheres a lot passion and love for fashion and people. Which I actually consider a rare, but great mix.

IMG_0911    IMG_0934

Due to this very special connection that Carlyle has to each and every one of his designs, the jeans by PP are very unique. One of the outstanding features of the jeans are for example the various hidden condom pockets (message- don´t give aids a chance) or the special “Pride (in)” dedication, that is sewed into every pair of jeans!
And still there are more things about the PP jeans to discover… guess the best would be to find out yourself!!! ;)


Thanx u guys it was a lot of fun and a big kiss to Sorin (my roomy) for thinking about me!!! ^^

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