March 09, 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Summary IV

Yoji Yamamoto

y-yamamoto20 y-yamamoto22

Well, on the street the hair do would rather be a “don´t”, but what about these dresses!? So crazy cool, def rock and I´d looove ti wear one of those on the streets (imagine the stares) ^^


miu-miu06 miu-miu09
miu-miu15 miu-miu27
miu-miu29 miu-miu31

Victor & Rolf

victor-and-rolf02 victor-and-rolf03
victor-and-rolf10 victor-and-rolf14
victor-and-rolf38 victor-and-rolf42

Fall 2011 the devil wears Victor & Rolf… dark, strong shaped, metalized, powerful- no devil could have a better appearance!


valentino31 valentino40

Alexander McQueen

mac-queen01 mac-queen05
mac-queen18 mac-queen23
mac-queen26 mac-queen33

Mhhh, said to say, but this collection (and I think that´s the first time ever that I think that about a McQueen collection) is boring… nothing new and out of all the amazing cloth the “re-used” elements are not even the best :(

Vivien Westwood

v-westwood03 v-westwood08
v-westwood14 v-westwood18

Scary, fancy, cool, chic, glam- baaaam!!! I like

Yves Saint Laurent

yves-st-laurent05 yves-st-laurent13
yves-st-laurent26 yves-st-laurent37



Ok, even at the risk of sounding at like this recently so loud general fashion critics (fashion is dead!?!?)- where is the constant reinvention Lagerfeld keeps on talking about!? Def not to be seen at this collection and most def it is not reinvention to constantly put his boy toy on every single thing he does… :(

Louis Vuitton

vuitton02 vuitton23
vuitton45 vuitton48 
vuitton57 vuitton62

Talbot Runhof

talbot02 talbot03

I love this “men's shirt transformed into stunning dress”-dress, great translation of the otherwise so shapeless shirt.

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Anonymous said...

My picks are MiuMiu, Valentino and Chanel. They are gorgeous.

The other ones are just too over-the-top, nicht so passend!


"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."