March 27, 2011

Levis x Demian Hirst: Collaboration


The world really is so crazy about Hirst at the moment… apparently so were ppl at Levis as well:

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This collaboration by Levis with Demian Hirst inspired by two different themes, which are actually two oxymorons, with the first part named “skull” and the other part named “butterfly”. These kind of resemble a continuation of Hirst’s fascination of colour. The skulls adorn most pieces, in the most bright and colorful way possible.


DemianHirst in Firenze

The pieces are nice, but seriously what is it all about Demian Hirst!?? His diamond skull is EVERYWHERE! Well, the original is in Florence right now and I read about the Demian Hirst exhibition. So I thought if it´s here I might as well go and find out myself… and to put it brief- boring!
It´s just the skull… I mean yeah, it might be the most precious thing in the world right now, but wasn't´t Mr. Hirst able to get some other things over here?!?

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