March 15, 2011

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: My fav collection Fall 2011

Okey admittedly the beginning of the collection does not have anything to do with the inspiration of Man Ray, but rather disney´s Dalmatians… the more surprising this take actually is…


…so not taking Man Ray into consideration, for me the doggy style and especially the skull hats work…

…and then, let´s say the second half of the collection starts to reveal the deeper connection of the pieces of this fall collection by Castelbajac to the American artist Man Ray, most known for his so called "rayographs" (photograms). From his adopted country France it was, where he made his mark on the art of photography in the 1930s. 

castelbajac01castelbajac03castelbajac04 castelbajac08castelbajac09 castelbajac19 castelbajachat castelbajac29castelbajac32castelbajac35
ManRayTearscastelbajac38castelbajac39 castelbajac40castelbajac43

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