February 21, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Summary II

Proenza Schouler

proenza-schouler01 proenza-schouler07
proenza-schouler12 proenza-schouler13
proenza-schouler22 proenza-schouler33

Anna Sui

anna-sui02 anna-sui03
anna-sui11 anna-sui18

Jason Wu

jason-wu07 jason-wu20
jason-wu27 jason-wu34

Alexander Wang

alexander-wang09 alexander-wang11
alexander-wang15 alexander-wang28

Ralph Lauren

ralph-lauren02 ralph-lauren06
ralph-lauren09 ralph-lauren13
ralph-lauren18 ralph-lauren24
ralph-lauren25 ralph-lauren30
ralph-lauren37 ralph-lauren50

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I liebe das Kleid am untersten links am besten.


"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."