January 23, 2011

Men´s Wear Overview: Milan (15. – 18.01)

Things men should bare in mind for next winter, camel and grey are important colors and Merlot-level colors should be added to the wardrobe too. Edges must be raw — even laser-cut. Leather pants are acceptable again (however not really waned by females (well at least me)). So are short jackets, pleats and flashy colors like orange every now and then. Choose elegant or nerdy. For example D&G still sees the Nerd, just giving him a strong old school touch and a cool edgy with fur jackets. Oh yeah, speaking of which, sloshing over from woman´s wear, nearly every designer works with fur next winter season.

Marc Jacobs

marc-jacobs01 marc-jacobs04 marc-jacobs11

Giorgio Armani

giorgio-armani09 giorgio-armani15 giorgio-armani19


gucci01 gucci02 gucci07


d-g01 d-g34 d-g49



etro08 etro26 etro41

Neil Barett

neil-barrett10 neil-barrett25 neil-barrett35


dsquared206 dsquared212 dsquared214

Z Zegna

z-zegna10 z-zegna20 z-zegna40

Dolce & Gabbana

Roberto Cavalli

roberto-cavalli05 roberto-cavalli22 roberto-cavalli31

Dirk Bikkemberg

dirk-bikkembergs05 dirk-bikkembergs08 dirk-bikkembergs48

Obviously there was much more to see, but I will have to find an end here…

… ok ok, but only one more, because I wouldn´t want you to miss out the fabulous lipstick of the models of Vivienne!  ;)

Vivienne Westwood

vivienne-westwood02 vivienne-westwood17 vivienne-westwood37

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