December 01, 2010

Pirelli Calendar: Karl Lagerfeld calling the ancient gods

In his studio in the Rue de Lille in Paris, Karlchen gathered a total of 20 photo models and the actress Julianne Moore to present 24 gods, demigods and heroes of classical antiquity and its myths in a total of 36 shots for the calendar. The result are black-and-white photographs in which the models wear nothing other than jewelry, leaves on the breasts, arms, shields or Plexiglas forms in front of their genitals.


baptiste elisa

erin iris

In seinem Pariser Atelier fotografierte Lagerfeld 15 weibliche und 5 männliche Models, sowie die Schauspielerin Julien Moor für den heiß begehrten fotografiert Modelle in seinem Atelier in Paris für den begehrten Kalender des Reifenherstellers Pirelli. Jedes Model wurde dabei als eine andere Gottheit aus dem alten Rom oder Griechenland dargestellt.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Or at least it would be if the guys picture were removed. What can I say; I am unrepentantly old-fashioned about these things. Namely, the female naked form is beautiful; whereas the male naked form is f__king disgusting.
By the way, the girl with the bow-and-arrow is Carla Brunii, the 1st Lay of France, isn't she?
Actually, Julien Moore, despite her age, is a lovely woman.
I suspect you would have wanted your friend Carla Günner up there, right?

Oh please don't lock me out. Please please!

Anonymous said...

Bitte, Entschuldigung! Ich bin der letzte "Anonymous".


Rock-a-blog said...

no the first one is not Carla B. it´s the model Daria Werbowy.
Well, I think Clara would look great, however I think she wouldn´t feel very comfortable.^^

"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."