October 17, 2010

Reem: Label to watch


Thanks to my internship at Odradek I kinda stumbled into the label Reem. A brand founded by Reem Alasadi and based in London, which is however highly appreciated by the Japanese, long known as early adopters of fashion novelties and therefore quite known among the fashion scene of Tokyo.

The cloth are a mix of vintage, new cloth and fabrics and accessories. “The hallmark of an item by Reem is integrity and originality, she manages to put together the most surprising elements and somehow they always work.” 

I really love to combination of the colors and shapes and how she manages to put together new and old in a timeless, but yet modern way! Fabulous!

reem1 reem2
reem3 reem4
reem5 reem6
reem7 reem8

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the white dress at the top!
It's so stylish, feminine and dignified.

Das weiss Kleid hat mir gefallen.
Das ist zugleichzetig sehr feminine und ehrwürdig.


"See, the poor dream all their lives of getting enough to eat and looking like the rich.
And what do the rich dream of?

Losing weight and looking like the poor."
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