October 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen: Spring 2011

Is it allowed to still love (love, love, love…) a collection that is shown under the name of the designer that you loved (loved, loved, loved, LOVED…), but who recently died?
- Soooo yes!!! Since I saw the Spring 2011 collection by Sarah Burton I can answer with a definite yes! The looks are amazing and that is still underestimating my real feelings by far.

Proofing the fashion world that she was the best (and by best I mean best, best, best…) to continue the work of Alexander McQueen, she accomplished a great hit with her debut at the house- both an homage to her mentor and a sense of self!!!

alexander-mcqueen02 alexander-mcqueen03
alexander-mcqueen04 alexander-mcqueen06
alexander-mcqueen07 alexander-mcqueen09
alexander-mcqueen12 alexander-mcqueen13
alexander-mcqueen18 alexander-mcqueen19alexander-mcqueen22 alexander-mcqueen23 alexander-mcqueen24 alexander-mcqueen25 
alexander-mcqueen30 alexander-mcqueen31
alexander-mcqueen32 alexander-mcqueen33
alexander-mcqueen34 alexander-mcqueen35
This show is def worth showing a huge pic of the designer herself. A big applause to the epic collection!!!

Das ist eine Show nach der man sich die Finger nach mehr leckt… es soll… darf einfach nicht enden!

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