July 17, 2010

Forever 21: Engaged designer Brian Lichtenberg

When I think of Forever 21 I do think that they have some really fashionable cloth, but I def never though of designer pieces… now this is the attempt of Forever 21 to change that- joining forces on collaborations with designers probably is the right way and to begin with they obligated the L.A. based designer Brian Lichtenberg.

The Lichtenberg collection will hit stores in the middle of August. We´ll see if his edgy designs for Forever 21 will be as successful as his designs normally proofed to be. Normally they gain attention on the red carpet and in many music videos. 
…good idea … to get in contact with a designer …other then through their attorneys …already more than 50 lawsuits have been brought against Forever 21! uh uh uh

In Deutschland ist Forever 21 (zum Glück denn sonst würde ja wirklich jeder A**** mit den Klamotten rumlaufen) bisher nich vertreten, daher heisst das wohl auf in die USA (okey okey London geht auch, da hat ja kürzlich ein dicker Store aufgemacht!). ^^

forever-21Hier hat sich der Designer selbst mit einem der Models (trägt seine Kollektion für Forever 21) ablichten lassen.

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