May 27, 2010

Coke Light: Karlchen rockt die Buddel

At least fashion-wise Karl Lagerfeld is one of the best exports Germany ever had!
What else could it be, other than Mr. Slick-booted-and-suited rockin the bottle of his very fav fizzy pop drink!???

In 2008 Roberto Cavalli exclusively designed a limited edition bottle for Coke light… cool, but I think the Karlchen bottle is way more edgy!
And who would present his style better than his fav homie Babtiste (I mean I def can´t blame him for that… the man is hotter than hot!) and Coco Rocha.
Unfortunately the limited edition bottle is only available in France… but if u really wanna have it, chances r u might still get it on the page of colette



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